Northfield Care Centre
Northfield Care Centre

Palliative Care

We provide care for people who are nearing the end of their life but wish to remain in our caring, supportive and familiar environment.

Also known as end of life care, palliative care provides active physical care, pain and symptom management, and psychological, social, spiritual and practical support for individuals whose condition no longer responds to treatment.

Supporting residents and their families

We aim to ease suffering and enhance a person’s remaining life, helping them to live as well as possible with dignity and respect until they die. We also offer support to families during this difficult time.

Our staff working with palliative care residents have received specialist training in pain management, symptom relief and bereavement.

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We offer care for residents with a variety of conditions, including but not exclusively:

 - Hearing impairment
 - Visual impairment
 - Alzheimer's
 - Parkinson's Disease
 - Speech Impairment
 - Stroke
 - Cancer
 - Physical Impairment

Please do get in touch to talk about the support and care you require - 01405 816042.

We are located at:

Northfield Care Centre

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Tel: 01405 816042


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