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What are the different charges for care homes?

Generally, charges are broken down into three different elements:

  • Personal care – provided by a carer (help with dressing, eating, bathing, mobility, etc.).
  • Nursing care – provided by a qualified nurse (this is available at some brighterkind homes).
  • Accommodation – including food, heating and living costs.

How much you pay will depend on the length of your stay and the level of care you require, as well as any chargeable extras you decide to pay for.

Do I qualify for financial assistance?

If you require financial assistance, your local authority will decide what level of care you require and look at your income and savings to determine whether you will need to make a contribution towards the cost. This will vary slightly according to where you live in the UK.

Are there any other benefits I can claim?

Yes, you might be eligible for Attendance Allowance/Disabled Living Allowance (AA/DLA). These are both tax-free, non means-tested weekly benefits. If you’re paying for your own care, you’re likely to be eligible. If you’re receiving funding from the local authority towards your care home costs, this might not be paid as it is effectively included in that funding.
You might also qualify for Pension Credit. It’s mean-tested, and designed to ensure a minimum guaranteed income for those with limited savings or additional private income.
Contact your local social services department for further information on how to claim.

If I’m receiving financial assistance, do I still get to choose my care home?

Yes. The home you choose must be suitable for your needs and registered with the registration authority. 

What happens if my savings run out?

When your savings fall below the upper limits set out by the government, you are likely to be able to qualify for financial assistance. You should contact your local social service department when your savings are approaching this limit, so they’ll know when they need to help. 

My partner needs care, but I don’t. How does this affect me?

Don’t worry, only the person who is going into the care home should be means tested. The property you are still living in will be ignored and your savings treated differently. Seek further advice from your social worker or benefits office.

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